Welcome to CRAZYLEX

With CrazyLex you can win free daily prizes in a free and easy way!
Choose the prize you like and try to guess its secret number, at the end of the week who gets the closest bet win the prize!

  • Available for

all devices supported

CrazyLex support all the type of devices, our app was built using the most recent Apple code SWIFT2 and fits for all the display sizes.

simple graphic

Built with easy and intuitive desing, to keep simple and fast the interactions with app, intuitive using of it and to keep the app small, not to waste MB when downloading.

secure account

Every account is stored on our server that keeps track of the user behavior, checking all actions to combat any use of glitchs and expolits.

Application Features

Easy Sign up

You can sign up in a fast way using your account of Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or using your email and a password.

Clean Code

We have already released 4 new version of the app, improving stability and realiability, we are always at work for counteract bugs.

Easy options

Once you logged in, you can change settings and edit many things like your profile, referral code, and see how many videos you have to watch for reach the next level.

Share ref. code

Sharing your Referral Code to your friends you will get 10% of their Points forever!
With this help you can climb the charts faster than other players!

Why Our Application?

Watch 4 fun win 4 real

This is the motto of CrazyLex, users have fun watching some ad videos and they get in excange CLP to spend in any prizes they want.
They have a change also with only 1 CLP to get the prize.
About tournament is another story.

In tournament you don't have to guess any secret number, but you only have to watch more videos than other players to win prizes. Generally we choose high value prizes for Tournament, like Playstation 4, iPad Mini, Nintendo 3DS, Apple tv, Amazon gift cards and many others!

  • Quick and easy win
  • Simple design
  • Intuitive controls
  • User Friendly

More than 10k users playing CrazyLex, join them and get your own prize!

Less than 10 minutes per day to win

You don't need to spend too much time with CrazyLex! Use your free time, breakfast time, bus or train time, and watch just few video every day. You will gain a lot of CLP, you will climb the monthly Tournament ranking, you will level up fast, and you will win your favorite prize!

Application Information CrazyLex application details

All about CrazyLex

Our mission is to create a new way to win prizes and save your money, with just watching of some advertising videos you can have a change to win a lot of expensive prizes completely for free!
This is a revolution, this is CrazyLex!
  • Simple usablility
  • Premium support
  • User focused
  • Trust secured
  • Lightweight
  • Multi-lingual
  • Apple approved